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Girl in a Green Room

The Girl in
The Green Attic


After falling in with the wrong crowd, Jenny

begins to wonder if what she is experiencing is real,

or just a figment of her imagination. 

This film is an experimental workpiece and plays with the ideas of sound used in film. You will notice how in the beginning some sounds will only be heard on the right while others are only on the left. Normal everyday sounds you will be able to hear the room tone as they are inserted to bring more of a sense of reality as the filmmaker toys with the head of the characters. As the film progresses the room tone will fade and all of the sounds will be equal in both ears until there is nothing left but the ringing in the head. This is a symbolic way of showing that the character is fully enveloped in the world inside her head or the persona created by the filmmaker, and is no longer making a connection to her past reality. 

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