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3 Essential Care Tips for Independent Filmmakers

Working in art production can be extremely stressful. It calls for putting your blood, sweat, and tears into a distributable format. Your livelihood depends on the likability of your work and yourself as a person.

It encompasses a level of vulnerability and bravery that is not typical of many fields. For this reason, it is pertinent to maintain physical and mental health in order to not be lost in the mental paradox of (essentially) marketing, advertising, and selling your humanity.

Three Essential Self Care Tips:

Create Projects Without The Intent To Sell

It can be difficult to remain in the mentality of "content is king". Constantly leaning into this thinking can be depressing or anxiety inducing.

I have found that setting aside time to create something silly that is just for me and my friends, has been extremely beneficial in maintaining a positive work life balance.

Do Not Fixate on The Negative

Everyone is entitled to an opinion, and that includes YOU! Choose what opinion you are going to have about your work and your life.

Exercising my mental control in positive ways has been extremely beneficial. I have seen so many positive things happen in my life as soon as I have chosen to have a good opinion about myself and my work.

Choose Good Mentors

No person can be fully knowledgeable about any subject. That is why it is important to outsource for mentoring/guidance. Find people you admire in different aspects of your life, and figure out what it is you admire about them.

Is it the way they can talk to anyone with ease?

Is it that they create cool things to look at?

Is it the way their energy emulates from them?

Once you can identify what you admire, you can more easily approach a conversation with good questions about how to emulate the positive qualities in your own life.

Taking these initial steps have helped me to grow my network, maintain connections, and create art that is beautiful to watch and beautiful to make.

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