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Diving Into 'God Save the Wings: Soccer, Heels, and Sex Appeal': My Take on Experimental Indie Documentaries

Hey fellow film enthusiasts! I recently caught the documentary "God Save the Wings: Soccer, Heels, and Sex Appeal: Werent the 1980s Rad?" and I couldn't wait to share my thoughts on it. I've summed up my review on Letterboxd, but let's dive deeper into what I loved and some areas that left me wanting more.

God Save The Wings Poster

Right off the bat, the film grabbed my attention with its film noir vibe, experimental storytelling, and captivating cinematography. It felt like a postmodern Monty Python and the Holy Grail experience – brilliant self-awareness in filmmaking that had me hooked from the first two minutes.

The use of Monty Python-style animation, found footage, and the aesthetic limo reveal were like little chef's kisses throughout. And can we talk about the energy? It's the next wave of documentaries that anyone, soccer fan or not, can enjoy.

I highlighted some favorite moments, like the beat reporters and breaking the rules for more coverage – so my second love, beat reporting, got a shoutout! The film touched on popular culture aspects, exploring how media perception can twist the true story, which added an extra layer of intrigue.

But, of course, it's not all sunshine and rainbows. I have some constructive feedback, particularly about camera angles and interview camera movement. There were moments where the shots felt uncomfortable, like when interviewees' heads got cut off or the focus seemed unnecessary.

Around the 26-minute mark, the film started to lag a bit, and I found myself missing that experimental Monty Python feel. With so many characters introduced, it got a tad overwhelming, especially since I'm not a soccer aficionado. A rewatch might be in order to fully grasp all the intricacies.

As the documentary continued, I loved how it explored the culture surrounding soccer games, from the excitement of players becoming icons to the commodification of athletes. The commentary on cheerleading and the challenges faced by females in the media spotlight resonated with me personally.

However, I craved more inclusivity, especially from a black athlete's perspective. The film briefly touched on it but left me wanting a deeper exploration of the black community's experiences during that time. It was disappointing that the only black player didn't get the spotlight he deserved.

Towards the end, the film started to lose me with too much focus on facts I could easily look up myself. The lack of acknowledgment for the only black player became a major sticking point, and I found myself skipping through sections out of boredom.

In a documentary, it's crucial to include equal information from all parties to avoid unintentional bias. Unfortunately, the film fell short in this aspect, impacting my overall opinion.

In conclusion, "Soccer, Heels, and Sex Appeal" is a mixed bag of brilliance and frustration. Its experimental storytelling and insightful commentary shine, but issues with camera work, overwhelming information, and lack of inclusivity left me with conflicting feelings.

This review is my way of encouraging filmmakers to consider diverse perspectives for a more balanced documentary experience. Cheers to the next cinematic adventure!

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