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"The Devil’s Ride": The New Wave of Indie Cinema

The Indie sphere never ceases to amaze when it comes to creating never-before-seen stories that feature under-represented voices, told in unconventional ways! With filmmaking, creating anything diverse is an uphill climb, but when it is done well, it becomes a piece that defines a generation.

I have had the opportunity to speak multiple times with L.A.-based Director of Photography, Cortlin Barrow, and his involvement in the highly anticipated feature film "The Devil's Ride"

The story follows Aaron, Samantha, and Kevin as they team up to defeat the ancestrial sleep paralysis demon that only the most dedicated indie horror fans can fully appreciate!

Tying in themes of mental health, generational trauma, systematic racism, and so much more, this film promises to not only bring chilling moments but also important conversations about diversity, inclusion, and accessibility within the entertainment industry.

The film is already creating nationwide buzz for its highly anticipated release within only one month of its announcement on Instagram, and it shows no sign of stopping the creation of a cult following!

Why is this film so important to support? Thank you for asking!!

How can you support?

Follow on instagram! Check out the fundraising link and send it to other indie horror fans! Repost content!

With social media, anything is possible to accomplish!

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